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We offer timely, and beautiful textbooks and training programs that cover key industry topics such as electricity regulation and best financial practices, PUR Books is thrilled to deliver top-notch products to all who want to study the utility and energy industry, along with ever-changing utility law for years to come!

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PUR Guide

Public Utilities Reports Guide: Principles of Public Utilities Operations and Management

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Modern Regulatory Finance

Modern Regulatory Finance: Utilities Cost of Capital, to provide understandable explanation of the contribution of financial theory.

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NEW BOOK! America's Electric Utilities Past, Present & Future

Renowned Authors Leonard S. Hyman and William I. Tilles have provided our community with a new volume in regards to the Electricity Markets. You can peruse the table of contents here.

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What’s Holding Nuclear Energy Back In The U.S.?

By Leonard Hyman & William Tilles - Oct 20, 2021, 4:00 PM CDT Nuclear power is the only truly low-emissions electric power generating sourc...