The year is 1907. At the dawn of the twentieth century, an experiment begins: public regulation of private utility companies. By 1915, laws governing utility companies' rates and practices had been passed in almost every state. Soon, the federal government followed suite, and it was clear this industry transformation needed to be tracked.

Lawyers, politicians, utility professionals, and curious citizens were dismayed at the lack of cohesive coverage of regulatory changes. People needed a way to keep up with rulings instead of drowning beneath waves of cases and order numbers.

This is where we, Public Utilities Reports, Inc., stepped onto the scene.

In 1915, Public Utilities Reports, Inc was founded and dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and reporting on all utility legislation and news to enlighten, educate, and inspire utility professionals and interested parties. PUR Books aims to continue this mission by providing published materials and timely information in the energy and utility space.

We are the premier utilities reporting company, trusted by commissioners, judges, lawyers, CEOs, managers, consultants—and more!—worldwide.

We offer timely, and beautiful textbooks and training programs that cover key industry topics such as electricity regulation and best financial practices, PUR is thrilled to deliver top-notch products to all who want to study the utility industry and ever-changing utility law for years to come!