The Illinois Commerce Commission has also approved an electric Residential Time of Use (TOU) Pricing Pilot proposed by the Commonwealth Edison Company. According to the commission, the rate is designed to incentivize residential ComEd customers to shift their energy use away from peak periods to times when energy and capacity costs are lower can be particularly beneficial for customers with high energy use which can be done at another “Off-Peak” time, such as charging an electric vehicle (“EV”). The pilot program will span four years and is intended to gauge ComEd customers’ interest in a TOU rate option. ComEd plans to begin enrollment in June 2020. The rate offering will be voluntary and will capped at 1,900 participants. The rate itself will have three daily pricing periods: Super Peak, Peak, and Off-Peak. Each pricing period will have a distinct hourly price determined by hourly energy prices and designed to encourage pilot participants to shift energy consumption away from times with higher energy costs. Re Commonwealth Edison Co., 18-1725/18-1824 (Consol.), Oct. 2, 2019 (Ill.C.C.).

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