Trusted, top-notch utility industry legal reports, training, and speciality texts—100 years and counting!
Trusted, top-notch utility industry legal reports, training, and speciality texts—100 years and counting!
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Customer Choice: Finding Value in Retail Electricity Markets
Customer Choice: Finding Value in Retail Electricity Markets
Public Utilities Reports, Inc.

Customer Choice: Finding Value in Retail Electricity Markets

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We are proud to present this collective effort by leading experts in the utility industry.

Customer Choice is a carefully chosen collection of chapters written by the brightest minds in the utility industry. These include senior practitioners at utilities, unregulated power companies and regulatory commissions, as well as academics and researchers who are at the cutting edge of knowledge about competitive business strategies for retail markets.

To retain and expand market share and profit from available retail margins will require new business strategies for your company. Customer Choice has been written with your business needs in mind, offering insights and new ideas for closing sales in the new competitive environment.

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ISBN: 978-0910325-73-8
7 x 10 inches
400 pages

Table of Contents:

Rene H. Males, Retired President, IES Utilities
Richard Cudahy, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals
1. The Brave New World of Customer Choice
Ahmad Faruqui, EPRI
J. Robert Malko, Utah State University
Section I: What Is Customer Choice?
2. The Open Market Customer
Clark W. Gellings, EPRI
3. Determining What Consumers Really Want
Ray W. Lawton, National Regulatory Research Institute
Francine Sevel, National Regulatory Research Institute
David W. Wirick, National Regulatory Research Institute
4. Using Choice Modeling to Understand Customer Preferences: A Tale of Four Studies
Kenneth Train, University of California at Berkeley
Michael Rufo, XENERGY, Inc.
5. How to Hear the Voice of the Customer
Lisa Wood, M/A/R/C Research
Sheryl Cates, Research Triangle Institute
Sue Winemiller, M/A/R/C Research
Section II: What Is Driving Customer Choice?
6. Convergence of Utility Services: Technological Challenges and Opportunities
Karl E. Stahlkopf, EPRI
7. Preparing for Gas/Electric Convergence: Mergers or Alliances?
Robert J. Michaels, California State University
8. Lights out for Regulated Utility Monopolies
Michael R. Peevey, New Energy Ventures
Section III: What Opportunities Does Customer Choice Create?
9. Electric Restructuring and Consumer Interests: Lessons from Other Industries
Robert Crandall, Brookings Institution
Jerry Ellig, George Mason University
10. Lessons from the Natural Gas Business
H. Dean Jones II, Williams Energy Services Group
Section IV: What Strategies Should Energy Service Providers Pursue?
11. Creating Competitive Advantage by Strategic Listening
Ahmad Faruqui, EPRI
12. Is Anyone Listening?
Joseph T. Ewing, Procter & Gamble Co.
13. Creating Economic Value Through Risk-Based Pricing
Stefan M. Brown, Christensen Associates
Douglas W. Caves, Christensen Associates
Ahmad Faruqui, EPRI
14. A Market-Oriented Approach to Electric Utility Strategy
Kenneth R. Bartkus, Utah State University
15. Managing Customer Choice: Implications from Market Segmentation Research, Theory, and Practice
David C. Lineweber, Hagler Bailly, Inc.
Kerry N. Diehl, PNR & Associates, Inc.
Patricia B. Garber, EPRI
16. Implications of Retail Customer Choice for Generation Companies
Daniel M. Violette, Hagler Bailly, Inc.
Michael King, Hagler Bailly, Inc.
17. Customer Connected Strategies
Robert E. Wayland, Robert E. Wayland & Associates, Inc.
David E. Jones, Jones Management Consulting
Section V: What Enabling Technologies and Infrastructure Are Needed?
18. Infrastructure for Customer Choice: Managing the Risk and Cost of Implementation with a Sensible Business Model
Eric P. Cody, NEES Global, Inc.
19. Information: The Key To Unlocking Value from Customer Choice
Melanie Mauldin, Cell Net Data Systems
Section VI: What Are The Key Market Structure Issues?
20. Give All Customers the Right to Choose, Immediately
Kenneth L. Lay, Enron Corporation
21. Regulatory Issues in Customer Choice: The Case of Rhode Island
James J. Malachowski, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission
22. The Role of Power Exchanges in Competitive Electricity Markets
Becky A. Kilbourne, California Power Exchange Corporation
23. Creating Equal Opportunities for All Competitive Electric Service Providers
Kenneth W. Costello, National Regulatory Research Institute
24. What's In Our Future
Ahmad Faruqui, EPRI
J. Robert Malko, Utah State University
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