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Trusted, top-notch utility industry legal reports, training, and speciality texts—100 years and counting!
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Creating A Competitive Company
Creating A Competitive Company
Public Utilities Reports, Inc.

Creating A Competitive Company

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Learn from the author's experience and involvement with electric and gas restructuring in the U.K. as you examine transitional thinking, organizational strategies, competitive approaches to Information Technology and Human Resources, plus mass marketing techniques.

Test your company's competitive strength with the "Strategic Competency Checklist" in Appendix B. See how companies such as Conectiv, in the U.S., and British Gas and Eastern Group in the U.K. have moved into the competitive marketplace. Find out about choosing business partners, enhancing customer loyalty, and setting up successful new business ventures.

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ISBN: 978-0910325-7-21
6 x 9 inches
234 pages

(c) 1998

Table of Contents:

PART I: The Framework
1. Monopoly
2. Competition
3. Market Structure
4. Transition
Summary Part I
PART II: The Company
5. Company Strategy
6. Separation of the Business Units
7. Change
8. Business Projects and Information Technology
9. Management Techniques
10. Business Partners
Summary: Part II
PART III: The Retail Business
11. Retailing
12. Retail Strategy
13. New Business Start-Up
14. Retail Marketing
15. Suppliers
16. Customer Operations
17. Support Services
18. Energy Trading
Summary: Part III
PART IV: The Service Providers
19. Settlements
20. The Services
Summary: Part IV
21. Conclusion
Case Studies
Conectiv: The Merger of Delmarva Power and Atlantic Energy
The Separation of the Business Units at British Gas plc
Eastern Group plc: A Successful Retailer in the Competitive Gas and Electric Markets in the U.K.
Electric Industry Restructuring in Massachusetts, as of August 1998
AccuRead's Experience with Competitive Metering Services in the U.K.
Appendix A Competition and Monopoly
Appendix B A Strategic Competency Checklist
Appendix C Industry Processes
Appendix D Planning a Retail Business Start-Up
Appendix E Business Contracts with the Customer
Appendix F Settlement Project
Appendix G Some Illustrative Examples
Index of Company Name
Subject Index