Trusted, top-notch utility industry legal reports, training, and speciality texts—100 years and counting!
Trusted, top-notch utility industry legal reports, training, and speciality texts—100 years and counting!
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Lessons in Cultural Change: The Utility Industry Experience
Lessons in Cultural Change: The Utility Industry Experience
Public Utilities Reports, Inc.

Lessons in Cultural Change: The Utility Industry Experience

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The most complete source you'll find on how to lead your company through a cultural transformation...Learn about all areas of cultural change: corporate vision, strategic plans, compensation, and labor relations. You'll ensure positive change for your organization with answers to these questions and more:

- What are the ten commandments of successful cultural change?
- What are the characteristics of leaders who fear change?
- Do the rating agencies think your company's culture should change?
- Do you need to develop a competitive intelligence system?
- What seven things would utilities do differently during the next downsizing?

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ISBN: 978-0910325-5-23
6 x 9 inches
358 pages

Table of Contents:

PART I: CEO’s Overview of Cultural Change
Chapter 1: The APS Story: When Culture and Vision Make Magic - Mark DeMichele
Chapter 2: PECO Energy- A New Culture for New Challenges - Joseph F. Paquette, Jr.
Chapter 3: The GPU Experience - James R. Leva
Chapter 4: Shaping a Competitive Nuclear Operation - William E. Davis
PART II: The Union Perspective
Chapter 5: Labor and Competition in the Electrical Utility Industry - John J. Barry
Chapter 6: Cultural Change and its Impact on Labor/Management Relations - James R. Pearl
PART III: The Right Compensation System
Chapter 7: The Compensation System Meets the New Realities - Carolyn Kenady
Chapter 8: New Pay Programs: Reinforcing Cultural Change in a Transforming Industry - Jack McGourty, Richard R. Reilly, and Kenneth P. De Meuse
Chapter 9: The Dynamic Staffing Model: Positioning People for Profits and Performance - Robert B. Marshall
PART IV: The People Impact
Chapter 10: Challenge for the ‘90s: Creating Social Contracts that Reflect the Times - Shirley Richard
Chapter 11: Aligning Human Resources to Meet Changing Business Needs - Judy Zanotti
Chapter 12: The Reality of Teams - Jean M. Dickson
Chapter 13: Driving Transformational Change Through the Organization - Dr. Jo-Anne Pitera
PART V: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
Chapter 14: Communicating Culture Change: A Practical Guide - J. Kimball Hansen
Chapter 15: Vision to Action: The Role of Communications - June T. Johnston and Cynthia Larson-Schwartz
PART VI: Strategic Approaches to Cultural Change
Chapter 16: It’s the Strategy, Stupid! - Dr. Cherry McPherson and Scott A. Jacobson
Chapter 17: Will the Fittest Survive? - Donna Welsh-Johnson
Chapter 18: Changing to Meet the Competition: A Corporate Survival Guide for Electric Utilities - William G. Gang
Chapter 19: Strategic Transformation: The New Game - Joe D. Doyle, John R. Childress, and Jim Ondrus
PART VII: Outside Views
Chapter 20: A New Vision of Leadership - Michele Darling
Chapter 21: A Rating Agency Perspective - Susan D. Abbott
Chapter 22: The Need for and Process of Cultural Change: The Observations of Experience - Bruce E. Alspach
Chapter 23: No Ethics, No Change - Mark J. Pastin, Ph.D.
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