Trusted, top-notch utility industry legal reports, training, and speciality texts—100 years and counting!
Trusted, top-notch utility industry legal reports, training, and speciality texts—100 years and counting!
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The Privatization of Public Utilities
The Privatization of Public Utilities
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The Privatization of Public Utilities

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Complete coverage of privatization: from the special issues in developing countries to investor concerns on Wall Street. In clear, fact-filled text, Leonard Hyman and experts from around the globe explain the theory of privatization and provide the hands-on information needed to take action, make deals, and profit. In addition to case studies, The Privatization of Public Utilities includes five detailed appendices that include extensive research and time-saving reference materials.

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ISBN: 978-0910325-5-92
7 x 10 inches
473 pages
(c) 1995

Table of Contents:

PART I: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: The Privatization and Restructuring of Utilities: Why and How - Leonard S. Hyman
Chapter 2: Financing the Expansion of Utilities - Leonard S. Hyman
Chapter 3: Structuring the Utility - Leonard S. Hyman
Chapter 4: The Role of the Regulator - Leonard S. Hyman
PART II: Views from the Field
Chapter 5: Telecommunications Privatization and Beyond: A Global Perspective - Leo A. Sozzi
Chapter 6: Chile and Beyond: Privatization in Latin America - M. Mario Zenteno
Chapter 7: The Privatization Payoff - Don D. Jordan
Chapter 8: Privatization of Water Supply and Sewage - Jose Kochen
Chapter 9: Why Restructure INTEL? The Proposal of the Government of Dr. Ernesto Perez Balladares - Dr. Juan Ramon Porras
Chapter 10: Telecommunications in Europe - Sylviane Farnoux-Toporkoff
Chapter 11: Competition, Privatization and Renewables: Wind as the Test Case - Gerald R. Alderson
PART III: Doing the Private Deal
Chapter 12: Developing Power Projects in Developing Countries: Special Issues - David L. Haug
Chapter 13: Privatization of Utilities in Latin America - Roger D. Feldman
PART IV: The Public Offering and Beyond
Chapter 14: Investment Bankers, Advisors, and Selling the Deal - Leonard S. Hyman
Chapter 15: The Strategic Employment of Investor Relations in the Privatization Process - Angel Garcia Cordero
Chapter 16: What Do Investors Want from the New Company After Privatization? - Richard C. Toole
Chapter 17: Privatization: An Investor’s Perspective or "Will they still love us after the sale?" - L.Y. Rathnam and V. Khaitan
PART V: Management and Finance
Chapter 18: Preparing for Industry Upheaval: Why Electric Utilities Must Reengineer - Michael Weiner, Jeffrey Walker, and Huard Smith
Chapter 19: Financial Strategy in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace - James T. Doudiet
Chapter 20: Accessing the US Bond Markets - Rosemary Avellis Abrams
Chapter 21: Long-term Power Purchases - David H. Spencer
PART VI: The United Kingdom Experience
Chapter 22: The Restructuring and Privatization of the Electricity Supply Industry in England and Wales - Alex Henney
Chapter 23: The Successful Privatization of Britain’s Electricity Industry - John Baker
Chapter 24: Managing Change - I.M.H. Preston
Chapter 25: The British Experience: The Pioneering, if Partial, Success - Allen Sykes
PART VII: The Telefonica Experience
Chapter 26: Privatization of Telecommunications - Jose Luis Martin de Bustamante
Chapter 27: The Privatization of Telefonica Larga Distancia de Puerto Rico - Jorge Robles
Chapter 28: Strategic Alliances: The Case for the Telecommunications Sector - Francisco Blanco
PART VIII: Final Thoughts
Chapter 29: Thoughts of an Ex-PTT Minister - Barton Dominus
Chapter 30: Conclusion - Leonard S. Hyman
Appendix A: Worldwide Statistics
Appendix B: Selected Privatizations
Appendix C: Market Performance of Privatized Firms as of Selected Dates
Appendix D: Selected Bibliography on Privatization
Appendix E: Accounting and Financial Analysis
Appendix F: Map of the World Regions
Appendix G: Author Biographical Information